What Do Women Find Attractive? Wouldn"t You Like to Know

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What do women find attractive? Well, that depends on the woman.
But there are a few key things that all women look for when it comes to men.
Women want different things when it comes to men, that's a fact.
Just look at all the different kinds of women out there.
Some are sporty and prefer guys that will enjoy being outdoors with them, others are intellectual and want a guy that can keep up with their conversation.
Some women are into their polar opposites...
but the bottom line is that it doesn't matter what women are after they're all looking for a few key elements in a man.
Personality is a big issue for most women.
They cannot see themselves dating a "wet-mop.
" And can you blame them? Would you want to date a girl who's idea of fun was sitting at home staring at the TV all day, never wanting to do anything? Absolutely not! So when you're meeting women be sure and let your personality shine through.
Don't conveniently change your personality to fit that of the woman you're talking to, it doesn't work.
By the end of the night she's going to figure out that you're a fake--and you're never going to have another chance.
Women love a guy that can smile.
A smile is the universal sign of, "Hey, I'm an approachable likable person.
Talk to me...
" Smiling at a woman helps put her at ease.
Much more so than a staring contest.
We live in a scary world, women have enough to fear--so smile.
Confidence is by far the most attractive attribute a guy can have.
But be careful, don't mistake confidence for cockiness--that's a dangerous mistake! Cocky guys are arrogant and try to make themselves look good at the expense of others.
Your goal shouldn't be to overpower a woman with your sense of self-worth and manliness-- you should be comfortable with yourself and others.
It's impossible to project confidence by trying to attract attention.
That makes you look arrogant (back to cockiness).
Being confident helps put whoever you're talking to at ease.
Women feel like they can let their guard down with you, because you're not the "typical" guy.
Don't talk about yourself, talk about her (only in appropriate ways of course), work, your favorite band.
Never share more information about yourself than necessary the first time you meet a woman.
There has to be a reason for her to want to talk to you later, so leave certain things out.
To be a confident relaxing person keep your voice at a low level.
By shouting or being too loud you're attracting extra attention to yourself, and all a woman is going to want to do is run away.
Keep your hands to yourself, being too touchy makes you look like a pervert.
Never underestimate the power of your eyes, so make eye contact when talk to someone.
It lets them know you're taking them seriously.
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