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Although most of us would like to think that we live in a safe country, unfortunately this is not always the case. In fact, millions of Americans face security threats every single day. We face threats not only from international terrorists who fly airplanes into buildings, but we also face security threats on our home turfs, often from home burglars who steal from us as well. In fact, one out of five homes will be burglarized this year alone and about 50% of these home burglaries will likely occur by someone who doesn’t have a home alarm system. And, the bad news is that as our economy weakens, these numbers will continue to grow astronomically. So, you may be wondering what can you do to sustain yourself? Well, in this article, we will discuss the benefits of home alarm systems as a way to protect you and your family from harm. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

As previously indicated, one of the most common crime targets is residential housing without burglary alarms. This is because burglars realize that household items like big screen televisions, jewelry, computers, family heirlooms, and even antiques, can be easily sold on the open market for cold-hard cash. And, most of these items are extremely hard to track which makes them very appealing to thieves. In fact, thieves are twice as likely to break into a home without an alarm as they are with one that doesn’t have one.

Therefore, if you have anything of value in your home and you want to protect your belongings and your family from harm, you should consider a home alarm system. Without a home alarm system, you are making yourself vulnerable for someone to break in. However, with an alarm, thieves will be deterred by the threat of a piercing alarm going off during the burglary and alerting you/ the police. Plus, most home alarm systems are relatively inexpensive as well. In fact, the set up charges typically run from a one-time set-up fee of $99.00 or less to a low cost of $25.00 or less per month. In addition, by having a home alarm system, you could likely receive a deduction on your insurance premiums as well. Lastly, but most importantly, if you install an effective alarm system in your home, and someone breaks into your home, the police will be quickly notified of the break-in and will take action so that their “takings” will not be severely limited. In addition, having a home alarm system will not only deter thieves but it will give you peace of mind too because you know that you are taking action against such crimes. With your alarm system in place, you will instantly aware of the break-in and you can take proper precautions to either arm yourself or hide. A burglar will not be able to attack you by surprise.

In conclusion, a home alarm is essential to any family home. Not only does it deter criminals but it provides peace of mind and protection as well. Although material possessions can be replaced, protecting you and your family from harm is priceless. And, once you obtain a home alarm, you will be glad you did!

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