Jbl Radial Micro Ipod Speakers Review

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Imagine if you had a full-sound audio system, suitable for your next do or other festive gathering that you could carry in a package only a touch larger than your hand?

Allow us to introduce JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers. These fine iPod accessories are not only small and compact, they are of a unique design and provide audio quality that is simply smashing and at around 80, they represent an excellent value.

JBL is a company that has been specialising in the production of fine audio equipment for over sixty years. JBL not only produces home electronics and audio systems for home use, but for professional applications as well; JBL equipment is used by some of the most prominent names in entertainment.

You may be familiar with the larger JBL Radial iPod Speaker Dock. We are please to report that JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers provide the same crisp, clear sound as its larger sibling. Not only is it possible to connect your iPod to JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers, but your digital television as well.

Despite their diminutive size, JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers can most definitely blow the room; its four aluminium-domed Odyssey transducers can produce a remarkable 14 watts providing the highest possible sound quality throughout the audible range from the piccolo to the contrabass. This is due to the use of special neodynum magnets used to power the speakers as well as the many proprietary technologies used in their engineering.

JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers utilise the iPod universal Dock Adapter, and are therefore compatible with most iPod models (including the nano and 5G). In addition, JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers contain a stereo mini-jack that allows you to employ a range of other audio devices, including .mp3 and CD players as well as your personal computer. Television monitors are connected via an RCA-type video output.

JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers are also quite intelligent, yet setup and control is an absolute doddle. Simply use the the touch controls to increase or decrease volume levels, and the iPod will recall your settings even when shut off. The simple remote permits full control over track selection, libraries and other settings.

For all their power, JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers occupy a space measuring only 20 centimetres wide by 20 centimetres high; the entire device is only 9 centimetres thick, and weigh only half a kilogramme. Available in your choice of two colours (black or white), JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers have a rubber sole that secure them in place wherever you choose to set them down. If you are in a room with an electrical outlet, simply plug your JBL Radial Micro iPod Speakers in utilising your iPod wall charger, and it will be ready to go with you on your next beach holiday.
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