Waterproofing Basements With Cove Base

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    Cove Base

    • Cove Base, available in several designs, hugs the basement wall, channeling water away from the wall and toward the sub-flooring via the Water Trek Aqua Route. Select the Cove Base design that suits your home and basement. Because Cove Base creates an impenetrable fit on the majority of building foundations, it also prevents insects, snakes or rodents from entering the basement. Radon gas cannot enter the dwelling because of the Cove Base airtight fit.


    • Because an individual building's footings for floor installation and the surrounding composition of soil are individual to that particular structure, basement waterproofing with Cove Base requires customization. "It is virtually impossible to analyze any soil and footing configurations until the basement floor is opened," according to Basement Technologies. This means that each job is custom-tailored to the specific dwelling, with one size or price not fitting all. A local Basement Technologies representative analyzes your situation and recommends the appropriate Cove Base design.

    Water Trek Aqua Route System

    • The Water Trek Aqua Route System bases its engineering on the fact that water in the basement usually originates from the front of the footings and the footing foundation's wall seam. The patented system includes slots on each side to address both of these areas. The self-washing system does not clog. To waterproof, holes drilled into the block beneath the floor allows water to run into the patented system. Once installed, this system permanently waterproofs the basement. While sump pumps remove water from certain areas of the basement, waterproofing protects the entire basement.


    • Cove Base and the Water Trek Aqua Route system accommodate six possible foundation-footing configurations, with adaptations within the basic designs. Only specially trained technicians install these systems, not general contractors. Basement Technologies has dealers and technicians throughout the United States.

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