Easy Open Stick PackWhy Should Packagers Consider It?

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The packaging industry has to play by a lot of rules nowadays. The institution of the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) has declared that packagers for food and beverage must devote equal attention to the type of package that they use as well as how the product gets into the package. The easy open stick pack is a perfect example of that.

When a new food product is released into the market, the packager must take into account these factors while selecting machinery and package:


Irrespective of the sustainability of the package and the entire packaging process, the product that stays on the shelf for a larger period of time will surely be wasted. Food packagers definitely need to consider the question of shelf appeal seriously. The package and label for any food product can be thought of as an introduction to the consumer. The objective is to captivate the interest of potential consumers and get them to try out the product. Uniquely shaped containers, informational labels, interactive packaging, and user-friendly stuff like an easy open stick pack are some of the techniques used to accomplish that purpose.


The biggest challenge with food products is that they have a very limited shelf life. However, with the aid of proper packaging techniques, the products shelf life can be extended to a certain extent, thereby fighting against the breakdown of the product itself. Consider this example different packaging materials can help to control the effect that temperature differences have on a food product. Research is ongoing as to how a packaging method can be devised that will be able to regulate the temperature of a product while it is on the shelf.


Safety goes hand-in-hand with protection of the product as well. This is an extremely vital parameter as it concerns the safety of the consumer too. The FSMA stresses largely on the importance of food safety laws because studies have revealed that millions of people worldwide suffer or die from food-related diseases. That is why packagers need to choose packaging that doesnt chemicals or speed the deterioration of the food.

Ease of Use

Another factor that packagers need to bear in mind is how easy it is to open a package. It must be designed in such a way so that it can be opened by everyone starting from the youth to the older generation, and even those who have reduced hand strength or are disabled in some way. Complicated packaging will tend to drive away consumers from buying that particular brand. An easy open stick pack has been designed to meet the requirements of consumers without any bar on age.

So now that you know what your consumer wants, it is time to evaluate your needs and incorporate the easy open stick pack design in your products as well. Place your order right away in bulk so that you can get a good deal in the process too!
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