Diabetes Menu Plans

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Being diagnosed with diabetes is not the end of the world.
It is true that you need to be more careful and pay more attention to what you eat, but you can still eat a wonderful, varied, and delicious diet.
Once diagnosed with diabetes, managing your illness is the key to living a long and fulfilling life.
With some forethought and planning, you can devise a diabetes menu that is exciting, tasty and good for you.
The great thing about a diabetes diet is that it's basically the same with a non-diabetic diet if it were a healthy one.
The difference is that diabetics consume fewer carbohydrates to ensure optimal blood sugar levels.
Carbohydrates are foods which break down into sugars during digestion.
Carbs have, by far, the greatest impact on your blood sugar.
Fat plays only a minor role in short-term blood sugar levels.
Protein takes several hours to show up as blood sugar, so it also plays a very minor role in short-term blood sugar control.
Diabetics must pay close attention to their dietary intake, portion sizes, and meal frequency.
What you eat, or more specifically, the carbohydrates in the food you eat are the body's main source of glucose.
To overcome the specific challenges your body experiences because of the disease, you should talk to your doctor or health care provider.
Discuss your needs and wants with a professional.
A registered dietitian or nutritionist should be able to help you come up or devise a diabetes menu plan that fits your preferences and lifestyle.
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