Hypertension - A Weight Problem

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Hypertension or High blood pressure is one of the scariest effects of obesity or being overweight.
It can lead to other sicknesses or disease like strokes, heart failure, heart attacks and kidney failures - to name a few.
If you are obese and is experiencing headache, drowsiness, confusion, vision disorders, nausea, and vomiting most of the time you may be a recipient of high blood pressure.
Save yourself Only you could decide if you want to lose weight and avoid high blood pressure.
No one could do that for you.
Aside from medicines and drugs that would counter the effects of hypertension (they don't cure you, it just temporarily lowers your blood pressure) you could follow these fool-proof steps to enjoy a healthier and hypertension-free lifestyle.
Eat less than normal Your body needs calories to be able to support your body systems.
Calories mean food and drink.
Our body needs a certain amount of calories so that everything would work finely.
For example, a 30-year old male needs an approximate amount of 2500 calories per day.
If he eats below that, he loses weight.
If more, he gains.
All you need to do is consult a dietitian that could give you the exact number of calories you need and a diet plan that would be sufficient to that amount.
Follow the diet for the first couple of days and regularly reduce it so that you would lose weight.
I assure you, if you keep eating less than usual, your weight problems will diminish soon.
Move more than Usual Exercise is the best friend of Diet.
It would be hard to overcome your weight problems without exercise.
Try aerobic or cardiovascular exercise that would keep you alert, stress free and lean.
Why not play your favorite sport with a friend every morning? Or joining your wife in ballroom dances rather than just watching her? Even taking your favorite dog on a walk around the park before going to bed? There are multiple ways to keep you breaking up a sweat and losing weight that might interest you.
The gym and fitness centers are not the only options you do have.
Plan accordingly and have a revolving schedule on your options so that exercise becomes a habit not an obligation.
Visit the apple's enemy regularly Your personal or family doctor is one of your best allies.
Have a regular checkup with him or her (especially if he or she has given you medicine that you would regularly take).
Ask for advice; a call or two would not hurt if you have questions about food you might be eating or workouts you might be doing.
Obey the instructions and that would lead you to the healthiest road available.
Combating Hypertension is not easy but it is possible.
Follow these advices to overcome your weight problems and your high blood pressure would normalize.
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