How To Lose Weight If You Can"t Exercise

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Weight loss is something that is hard to do for many people.
It's even harder if you don't exercise at all or you have never exercised.
Find out how you can lose weight without exercise by changing your diet.
Sometimes you need to lose weight but you have a big problem.
You can't really exercise too well.
This means that losing weight, while possible, will be a bit more difficult since you aren't going to be burning as many calories.
It is possible to lose weight this way, but you are really going to have to focus on your diet.
The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your doctor and find out what it is that you can do and can't do.
Your doctor might let you know that you can do more than you realize.
It is advisable to be medically cleared by your doctor first.
Add in fruits and vegetables into your eating habit.
You have to be strict about this.
You need multiple servings of fruit during the day.
These foods are low in sodium, fat, and calories.
The more of these you eat, the less bad foods you are putting into your system.
This is a must if you ever want to lose weight with dieting alone.
Drink enough water all day long.
This will not only provide you with proper hydration, but it's a technique that is known to keep your metabolism going all day long.
Drinking water throughout the day will also help to keep you fuller for longer.
Eat frequent and small meals throughout the day.
Instead of eating your normal three large meals with some snacks, switch over to five or six meals that are about the same size as a snack.
Eat these every three to four hours.
You need to cut down on your calorie intake.
You are going to have to significantly reduce your overall calories, otherwise you will never lose weight.
Start today and you will see results within the month.
If you are not sure how many calories to cut, start with 200 calories per day and keep monitoring your weight.
You will eventually find the number that works for you.
Consider seeing a nutritionist if you need help figuring all this out.
They will be able to direct you towards foods that you need to be eating and make suggestions about where your diet is going wrong.
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