A Quality Acne Skin Care Product - Which Will Give You the Quickest Results?

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Let's face it. A high quality acne skin care product is called for whenever anyone suffers from this common skin disease, but what is the best formula to look for in order to see quick results? If I were to choose a treatment for myself, it would definitely be a natural herbal treatment for acne, because the positive effects of all natural ingredients on the skin have been proven time and time again.

I would always advise someone to use something made from all natural ingredients as opposed to the typical acne skin care product. Most of the products that are designed for the treatment of acne feature ingredients that can be very harsh to the skin. Redness, irritation, and dry skin are often what you get almost from the onset of treatment, and you can suffer with these problems for the entire time you use the formula.

This means that you will have to endure dry, irritated skin for quite some time, because none of the popular formulas begin to eliminate your acne until after about six weeks or so. A natural herbal treatment for acne that features the right blend of natural ingredients will begin to work in about the same amount of time as these other formulas, but without the negative side effects.

What is it exactly that an acne skin care product needs to do in order to eliminate acne? The primary functions of an effective treatment are the destruction of the propionibacterium acnes that causes inflammation within plugged follicles in the skin. These follicles are plugged by a combination of sebum and dead keratin skin cells, and the excessive production of sebum must be brought under control as well.

One very popular natural herbal treatment for acne uses Tea Tree oil as the primary active ingredient, because of its powerful antiseptic properties. This compound is effective in ridding the skin of the P. acnes bacteria, but you have to be careful when using this ingredient on the skin. It is not recommended that you apply a Tea Tree oil formula around the eyes or mouth, because this substance can be toxic.

For a natural antiseptic compound every bit as effective as Tea Tree oil if not more, I would advise you to use an acne skin care product that features active Manuka honey. This potent ingredient will eliminate the cause of your inflammation, and it will do so without any danger of negative side effects. Active Manuka honey is a dietary staple to the people of New Zealand, and is considered a delicacy throughout the world.

A natural herbal treatment for acne that contains active Manuka honey should also have ingredients like Babassu wax and Shea butter, which have been proven effective in treating inflammation in the skin. Either Jojoba oil or Maracuja passion fruit extract will regulate sebum production, so that no more plugs will form. Jojoba is effective in defeating acne, and more serious diseases like psoriasis.

So give it a try! An acne skin care product that contains this list of natural compounds will safely and effectively eliminate acne.

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