How to Troubleshoot Dish Remotes

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    • 1). Check the batteries in your Dish Network remote control if it does not respond when you push the buttons or the LED lights do not flash. Press the tab at the top of the battery cover and push it off. Remove the old batteries and insert the replacements. Replace the cover and test your remote.

    • 2). Ensure the remote matches the TV. If you have other receivers in your home, the remotes for each are programmed specifically for the TV to which it is attached.

    • 3). Reprogram the remote if it still fails to control your TV any longer. Press and hold the “TV” button on the remote. Release the button when all of the LED lights are lit. Press the “Power” button, and then press the “Up Arrow” button. Continue to press the “Up Arrow” button every two seconds until the TV turns off. When the TV turns off, press the “#” button. Press “TV” after the LED lights flash three times, and then press “Power” to turn the TV on.

    • 4). Unplug your Dish Network receiver from the wall outlet for at least 10 seconds to reset it. Plug the receiver back into the wall outlet and wait for the receiver to complete the process. A status indicator is displayed on the screen.

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