A Beginner's Guide to Siem Reap

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How do you go to Siem Reap? Where will you stay? What are the other things you can see except for Angkor temples? What hell are big freakin' temple doing in middle of Cambodian jungle, anyhow? The list below answers all your questions, and few others you just didn't know you wanted to ask!

Getting Lay of Land

In the introduction to the place Siem Reap, we provide the newbie visitors to Siem Reap overview of city and its close by attractions – not only the temple at Angkor, but also restaurants, shopping, and even the health tips and tricks.

Siem Reap is paradox, which really makes it a great instance of Southeast Asian destination – poverty and tradition stand alongside with chic hotel and all trappings of the modernity.

Things to Perform in the Siem Reap

Temple of Angkor Wat tends to be Siem Reap's major draw, however did you know that there are lots of other appealing things to perform in general vicinity? From Angkor National Museums to Land Mine Museum and to riding hot air balloons over Angkor ruins, you explore a lot of other places that help make the Siem Reap trip, most famous tourist tours in Cambodia.

Cambodia's Travel Requirements

What will you need to possess before traveling in Siem Reap? Let's just look at Cambodia tour requirement. Firstly, you've to take proper care of Cambodia visa – prior to you get one, and then you got to reveal a passport which is valid for six months at least beyond entry date. Cambodia also offers easy, the online option to getting your own visa – Cambodia e-Visa which costs an additional $5 in the processing fees, however saves you time and efforts which comes with getting regular Cambodia visa.

Weather of Siem Reap – When should you visit and what should you wear

Winter months ranging from November till February represent peak travel seasons for Siem Reap. Such months are dry and cool, avoiding the extreme of precipitation and heat you'd find in any other time of the year. The weather is hard at night and quite cool in daytime. Lots of festivals take place in this season as well in siem reap tours.

The temples are even at their most gorgeous during rainy season: grass is lush and green, the air is clear (the haze get washed by the rain). So Siem Reap in rainy season is quite weather permitting, and thus is photographer's preferred time of year.

Siem Reap can't get covered in just one day – so, you'll need three days at least to suitably cover the vast expanse of Angkor temples and all other attractions in that area.
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