How to Remove the Front Panel From a Mid-Tower Case

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    • 1). Log out of the computer and power it down safely. Unplug the mid-tower power supply from the wall. Disconnect any peripherals, such as hard drives or printers that may be attached.

    • 2). Remove the screws holding the back or the sides of the case in place with a screwdriver. There are a number of different configurations of cases on mid-tower computers. Some may be in one piece, which can be pulled off from the rear after the screws are removed. Other mid towers may have pieces secured to each side of the computer chassis. Set the screws in a bowl to avoid losing them.

    • 3). Slip an anti-static wrist strap over your hand and ground it to a nearby metal object with the attached alligator clip. If you do not have a wrist strap, ground yourself by touching a metal object. The purpose of grounding is to discharge any static electricity that might be built up in your body. This electricity can harm sensitive computer components if a spark is discharged.

    • 4). Disconnect any LED (light emitting diode) wires running from the motherboard to any lights on the front panel. These usually fit into plugs on the rear of the panel.

    • 5). Look for the screws or tabs holding the front of the case in place. These may be located on the side of the chassis or on the rear of the front panel. Some front panels may simply snap into place, or have a combination of snaps and screws. On a tabbed front, press the tabs in with your fingers before trying to remove the front panel.

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