Mississippi Car Salvage Laws

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    Salvage Title

    • Mississippi DPS code 162 requires that all cars and trucks operated in the state have a title. To get a title for your salvage auto, visit the nearest DPS office. You will provide your name, street mailing address and the vehicle identification number on the salvage title application. Also indicate the type of damage that the vehicle suffered, such as flooding or cracked windshield, at the bottom of the application.

    Motor Vehicle Inspection

    • In compliance with section 63-1309 of Code 162, salvage autos must undergo inspection at an authorized Mississippi auto inspection service station before they are driven on the state's roadways. When you take your salvage auto to be inspected you must provide proof that the vehicle was repaired. You must also provide the inspection station with at least four pictures of the vehicle prior to the repairs. Salvage autos have to be inspected in the district that you reside in. The vehicle title will be marked "rebuilt." The commissioner of public safety can revoke or suspend an auto dealer's license to buy and sell salvage autos if the dealer fails to get the vehicle properly inspected.

    Vehicles Damaged by Flood or Hail

    • The state's Salvage Inspection Unit's Bureau of Investigation requires that an insurance company contact the DPS and title the salvage auto in the insurance company's name before the insurance company takes ownership of the auto after it is declared salvage. An agent from the insurance company must provide the DPS with at least four pictures of the auto that were taken before the vehicle was repaired. The title will be marked "Flood Brand." The brand remains a part of the title throughout the vehicle's history. Four photos are also required by insurance companies if the auto suffers hail damage. Unlike with flood damage, the title will not be branded.

    Reselling the Auto

    • DPS Bureau of Investigation states that you must communicate to the person who buys the repaired auto that it was once declared salvage. This applies whether the auto was damaged due to an auto accident, flood or other natural disaster. The fact that the auto was once declared salvage will remain a permanent part of the vehicle's title history.

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