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Much has been said about website traffic.
We all know that website owners are always clamoring for traffic.
There are two kinds of traffic in the Internet there's the paid web traffic and there's the free website traffic.
The two are self-explanatory the first one is where you have to pay so traffic will pour into your site while the latter are strategies and efforts that can give your website visitors.
A very popular example of paid website traffic is the Paid to Click.
There are many websites in the Internet that offer this service.
In websites like these you will have members who will click and open your website for a fee.
Since this involves fees some website owners avoid this.
There is also the possibility that you will not be getting quality traffic since these people are obliged to visit your site because of the fee and not because of what your website offers.
The reasons listed above made people go for the free website traffic, generating traffic for your website the natural way.
These are people visiting your website because they become interested of what it has to offer.
Unlike paid traffic where you just commission people to visit your site, free website traffic entails hard work and lots of efforts.
There are two key factors that you have to consider in terms of generating free website traffic, the internal efforts and the external efforts.
In the internal efforts you have to do good with the content of your website.
You should make something interesting so people would keep coming back.
For the external efforts you can employ many methods for this like Search Engine Optimization, email, newsletters and literally ask your friends to go visit your site.
Knowing how to generate web traffic is very important.
I will give you an idea how to go about promoting your website and eventually your online business.
Paid web traffic is less preferred nowadays, more webmasters go for the free website traffic.
 But there are instances where both strategies are employed by webmasters to increase web traffic.
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