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The Bottom Line

Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic not only will make those who watch the ice skating show happy, but the skating in this particular Disney On Ice production is of the highest quality. Happy audiences are "transported" to Disneyland or Disney World for two wonderful and captivating hours.


  • Like all Disney productions, Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic is great traveling Disney entertainment.

  • The quality of the skating in this particular Disney On Ice show is superb.
  • People of all ages and backgrounds will love seeing the show.
  • Those who "know figure skating" will appreciate the triple jumps, the difficult spins, the pair skating lifts and throws, the ice dance lifts and adagio lifts, and some of the other athletic figure skating moves done in this production.
  • Like all Disney On Ice shows, this ice show makes people very, very happy.
  • The cost of tickets to this Disney On Ice production is affordable.


  • Those unfamiliar with the more recent Disney stories may not understand all stories told in the show.


  • Produced by Feld Entertainment
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and other favorite Disney characters skate and entertain the audience.
  • The cast performs difficult figure skating moves including double and triple jumps, pair and dance and adagio lifts, back flips, death spirals, the Spread-Eagle Cantilever move, and spins.
  • Like all Disney shows, the stars of this show are Disney characters.

  • Some of the members of the cast are former world, Olympic, and national figure skating competitors.
  • The skaters perform in colorful and beautiful costumes.
  • The lights and sets are very elaborate.
  • The show is approximately two hours long. There is a short intermission between the first and second half of the show.

Guide Review - Review of Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic

Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic is definitely a "must see." Not only does a bit of Disneyland or Disney World and Disney history comes to the ice, but audiences get a chance to see talented and accomplished figure skaters perform.

One of the members of the 2011-12 cast was Natasha Kuchicki who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games in pair skating. She plays the part of Mulan in the second half of the show. Her skating, along with the skating of the rest of the cast in the show is excellent. In addition to Mulan, seventeen other favorite Disney stories that are told.

At the beginning of the show, audiences see part of Disney's Alladin and are entertained by a precision skating team of genies! Those who remember the old Ice Follies and Ice Capades will especially enjoy that number. The genies do a synchronized skating traditional kick line and pinwheel.

The Beauty and the Beast story is told, and then ends with a short summary of the Princess Classics stories. Great pair and adagio skating is done in that section of the show.

The second half of Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic opens with Mickey's Marching Band. Hearing the tune from the old Mickey Mouse Club may bring smiles to the parents and grandparents of youngsters who attend the show.

Those who have been to Disneyland or Disney World will be delighted with the "It's a Small World" number. Strong and talented skaters represent countries of the world and do amazing dancing and skating on the ice. The "Main Street Electrical Parade" follows "It's a Small World" with dazzling lights and sets.

The Incredibles number is especially fun. Like the rest of the show, the skating is "incredible" in that number. Dash even does a back flip on ice skates over Mr. Incredible's back!

Those who attend the show will be delighted to see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Goofy, Pluto, and other Disney characters performing on ice skates.

Audiences of all ages will enjoy seeing Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic. Unlike some of the Disney On Ice productions which may be geared only for children, this particular production will impress ice skating experts and coaches, figure skating fans, and competitive figure skaters.

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