Mother"s Day, a Brief History

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We can all say a big thank you to our mums on mother's day.
Over the years I have sent many bouquets to my mother.
Did you know that this special anniversary has been officially recognised since May 10th 1908.
The woman who had this day dedicated to her was known as Anne Jarvis.
Anne was born in 1832 in Virginia, USA.
Married at 20 it is believed that she had as many as 12 children, most of whom did not live into adulthood.
Diseases such as, diphtheria, scarlet fever and whooping cough claimed the lives of most of her children.
Ann realised that poor sanitation, including uncovered garbage and bad ventilation contributed to the spread of disease.
Putting aside her own grief, Ann Jarvis became a community activist.
Anne launched designated days for mothers where local women came together to improve their surroundings.
During the civil war, she organised women to nurse wounded soldiers from both sides of the divide.
Anne had a massive influence on the lives of many women of the time, her own daughter Anna devoted much of her life to campaigning for a national holiday to recognise and commemorate all mothers particularly Ann's.
The first official mother's day service was held on May 10, 1908 in a Methodist church in West Virginia.
Anne saw it as a day to show love and gratitude, she suggested that white carnations represent family bonds.
This American tradition has spread across the water and "a happy mother's day is a tradition embraced by people in lots of countries" Giving your mother flowers on mother's day is a wonderful way of showing your gratitude and love for a mothers love.
Flowers are said to give instant pleasure and happiness.
Rutgers: University researcher Jennette Haviland-Jones Ph.
explored the emotional impact that the receiving of flowers has on people.
It first of all revealed that those who send flowers, in comparison to other gifts, are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people.
For the person on the receiving end of this gift is the pure delight and positive emotion that they can evoke.
Flowers are not just for special occasions.
It is commonplace to send flowers to your mother on mother's day, to your lover on Valentine's day, or to a grieving relative or friend, if you use your imagination a little, flowers can be given in between all of the "occasions" just to show someone you care.
The list is endless as are the types of flowers themselves.
Giving them to someone you work with, the giving of flowers is not always a declaration of love, it is sometimes a show of appreciation, a thank you for getting the job done, a big well done and beneficial to everyone in the office! Giving flowers to the rebellious teenager; as a thank you for cleaning their room, this may on the face of it, be deemed as a bribe, but imagine the sheer delight of a clean bedroom, with a beautiful, sweet smelling floral tribute and a happier, cleaner him/her, Flowers as a gift send out messages of love, hope, kindness, thanks, and sympathy; the giving of flowers is as old as time itself, long may it prosper.
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