Nintendo DS Lite Features

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    • The DS Lite is a portable, hand-held video game console produced by Nintendo. The system, which can play Nintendo DS game cards and Nintendo Game Boy Advance cartridges, was released in 2006 as the successor to the original Nintendo DS. The DS Lite is smaller than the DS, and has a longer-lasting battery--up to 19 hours of continuous gameplay on a full charge, according to Nintendo. It also has larger, brighter display screens.

    Touch Screen Gaming

    • The DS Lite, which comes packaged with a compatible stylus, features a touch-sensitive LCD display screen that can be used in certain games to control characters or game actions, or to input data, text or drawings.

    Game Boy Advance Compatibility

    • The DS Lite is capable of playing Game Boy Advance (GBA) game cartridges, a feature that its successors, the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS, lack. In addition to providing consumers with increased game choices and flexibility, the DS Lite's ability to play GBA games enables some limited instances of cross-platform compatibility. For example, DS Lite users can migrate their collected Pokémon from a "Pokémon: Emerald" Game Boy Advance cartridge to a "Pokémon: Platinum" DS card.

    Multiplayer Compatibility

    • The DS Lite is compatible with local wireless networks, which means that owners of DS Lite consoles can link their systems together for multiplayer gaming, regardless of whether an active Internet connection is available. Up to 16 players can play together at a range of up to 100 feet. Some DS games offer "download play," which enables linked consoles to partake in multiplayer gaming even if only one of the console owners physically possesses a particular game card.

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

    • In addition to wireless play, the DS Lite is able to utilize the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network. DS Lite owners can play Wi-Fi compatible games with their friends over an active Internet connection, as well as download updates and add-ons for certain games.


    • The DS Lite has a built-in microphone that can be used to enter voice commands into certain games.

    • Picto Chat is a software feature that is built into the DS Lite. It allows console users to exchange messages, including drawings created with the stylus, with up to 16 concurrent DS Lite users who are within the console's wireless range.

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