Is My Horoscope Accurate? 3 Critical Facts About Personal Horoscopes You Must Not Miss

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How accurate is my horoscope? Is it JUST for entertainment purposes only...
or is there real value in checking my horoscope each and every day? And why are some horoscopes so much different than others? If my sign hasn't changed...
and the date is the same, shouldn't my personal "predictions" be consistent each time I check? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at some common questions about personal horoscopes, and get a deeper understanding of EXACTLY what you should be looking for, if you are serious about getting accurate astrological advice.
Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below! What is the difference between a generic horoscope, and a personalized one? Great question, and one that many casual observers miss.
The truth is, the horoscope you read in the newspaper, for example...
is going to be very generic, generalized and NOT the sort of thing that's going to give you a lot of insight into your personal situation.
Think of it as a broad overview from a BIG picture perspective, designed to apply to millions of people who share your astrological "heritage".
But, if you need grass roots astrological advice, the ONLY way to get it is through a personalized reading that incorporates your SPECIFIC circumstances.
Is knowing my sign enough to get a more in depth reading, or are there other things of astrological importance I need to know? Your sign is certainly enough for a professional astrologer with real skills.
The time you were born is important too...
and some readers will want some additional background information to really "flesh" out what is happening in your life, and why.
(and what you can do to change it if you want...
especially if you crave a new direction) Is a personalized horoscope reading ALL I need to know exactly what I should be doing with my life...
or is it just a crutch? Great question, and one that very few people ask! The truth is, in my own experience, having a big picture perspective of my unique journey, and place in the universe is very meaningful.
Being able to see that my life is not a series of random roads, or the result of having made a bad decision or two (if I'm unhappy about my current circumstances) but RATHER, a rich tapestry of free will, karma, and an overarching "destiny" is VERY poignant, and personally empowering.
Knowing that there is true meaning to my life, and that I'm here for a very specific purpose, and that the universe is a constant guiding light if I choose to ask for help, has really been the greatest source of my own success, and I believe the same will be true for you, as well.
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