2007 Common Sense Psychology Thoughts

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It is truly amazing the abundance of psychological profiling going on in America and academia.
Even more amazing is the psychologists who tell us how to profile personalities and how to raise our children and explain to us how to love, conduct our relationships and raise our kids tend to have the most problematic children, druggie teens and dysfunctional families.
So, who can you believe when it comes to psychology? Well, first you should believe in yourself and not buy into too much of the academia world of psychobabble and psycho-science; in fact using a little bit of common sense you too can do just as well as the most education PhD Psychologist without ever taking more than an introductory class in psychology.
Simple observation of people and society, as they go about their daily endeavors in groups or alone can give you all the power you need to understand the human animal.
Perhaps you will join me in putting away your questions about your own abilities to judge human nature, understand what people are thinking and better your life, career and relationships all at the same time.
The reason I wrote all the many articles on psychology is that like many folks I got tired of folks telling me what I was observing only to find the truth was 180 degrees from their politically correct created reality.
You see Common Sense trumps all the psychological baloney in all the PhD dissertations and Psychologist authored books ever written.
Learn to trust your observations and use common sense and let those who wish to pull a fast one over society do it someplace else.
I am certain you will enjoy this book unless you are a psychologist and then you will hate it.
If so, and you truly hate this book and its author, me, then may I ask; How does that make you feel? Ha! For everyone else I truly thank you for reading all my articles on psychologies and philosophy.
Now lets all have a good laugh at the expense of the psychobabbling cottage industry of human emotion.
Until then enjoy! Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?
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