Find Yourself a Girlfriend Fast - What Do You Need to Do to Speed Things Up?

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Do you feel kind of tired of trying to search for a girlfriend and you just want to find an easier way than what traditional dating gives you? When you are looking to meet the right woman, and you only have traditional dating advice to follow, it can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated and confused, because you feel like you are doing things the right way- and it's just not happening fast enough.
It could be bad luck, or it could be that you need to try something a little bit different to get faster results.
I think it is a very common thing to feel as if dating can be disappointing.
Men feel this way, women feel this way, and at times it can seem like that is just the way that it is and there is nothing that you can do to change it.
You've probably had your fair share of situations that played out in a way that left you hanging, and you probably want to know how to change all of that so you can attract the right woman and make her your girlfriend.
The peculiar thing about it is, we live in a time where meeting the right woman can be easier than ever, as long as you have a proven strategy and use proven techniques to make a woman want to date you.
After all, 50 years ago, all you really had was a couple of local places that a man could meet a woman and if that did not happen, well, he was plain out of luck.
Now, there is an ever increasing amount of ways to meet women, so things CAN be easier for YOU.
The problem usually is not with the lack of options to meet women.
A lot of the time it really comes down to the way that you are trying to attract a girlfriend.
It's quite common for guys to 'think' they are doing all of the right things...
when in reality they are doing a lot of the WRONG things to find a girlfriend.
A good example of this is when a guy tries to win over a woman he has JUST met with romance and it turns out that it has very little effect on her.
The problem with that strategy, is that it usually feels rushed to a woman, and a lot of the 'romantic' things are usually just instances of a man spending money or using compliments to try and persuade her to like him.
There is a much more effective way and it really CAN speed things up if you don't fall back into the old pattern of following out of date and often ineffective dating advice for men.
Instead of working on the 'romance' side of things right away, why not work on the ATTRACTION side of things? While you might think that they are the same exact things, they really are NOT.
When you work on the attraction side of things, you are working on creating a feeling, and it often has little to do with what you can buy her or what clever compliments you can give her.
Here's a common example that usually does a guy in before he even gets started: The first date with a woman comes up, and he has yet to really spark a lot of attraction with her.
There is a little bit there, that's why she is on the date, but not a lot yet.
So, to try and impress her, he takes her to the fanciest restaurant in town.
He makes it known that he is going to spoil her all night and at the end of the night...
he thinks it is a sure thing that they are going to be dating for a while.
The only problem is...
the woman he has taken out on a date does NOT feel that way at all.
She enjoyed the fancy restaurant, but that was about all she enjoyed.
The guy did little to nothing to generate REAL attraction with her, and she does not see any reason to go out on a second date.
This kind of scenario happens a LOT and most men don't realize why they don't get that second date.
They think that they have been 'played' and they feel like they have been made a fool.
Well, really it all comes down to the fact that they didn't do their job of creating that feeling of attraction that they needed to create to make her want to go out on the second date.
The money does not do it, and the compliments don't do it.
If you want to get a girlfriend fast, the simplest way is to learn how to create and build REAL attraction with a woman.
Attraction Speeds Things Up...
This is the easiest and most effective way to 'speed' things up.
When a woman feels a LOT of REAL attraction for a guy, getting the first, second and third date with her is EASY.
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