How to Change a Cell Reference

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    • 1). Click on the cell where your formula is contained. Examine the formula to see where the reference needs to be changed. In the latest version of Excel you can click on the cell and see colored outlines for all of the cells referenced by that formula.

    • 2). Edit the cell reference in the formula to point to the new cell. For example, if you want to change the data used in the formula from the information contained in cell A1 to that in cell B1, you need to find any references to A1 and change them.

    • 3). Change a cell reference from a relative to an absolute reference if you want the data to always come from the same cell rather than from a relative cell. This is called an absolute cell reference, You denote it by putting the dollar sign before the cell reference parts (e.g. $A$1). You can make the row or column absolute by just putting the dollar sign before the row or column reference part (e.g. $A1 or A$1).

    • 4). Link to a cell on a different worksheet in an Excel workbook by clicking on the cell you wish to reference, then right-clicking and selecting "Copy" from the menu. Navigate to the cell you wish to link to, then right-click and select "Paste. "Click on the "Paste Options" button, then click on "Link Cells." Excel automatically formats an absolute reference to that cell.

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