Can Changing Sex Positions Fix Premature Ejaculation? (You Can"t Miss This!)

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If you are wondering can changing sex positions fix premature ejaculation, think no further.
The answer is a big YES.
Changing sex positions indeed can help you to last longer in bed, and in fact, this is the easiest way to last longer immediately.
Many couples love to start off with the missionary position.
Although the missionary position is nice, it doesn't help you to last long in bed.
In fact, the missionary position will make you ejaculate the fastest as it is the most stimulating of all sex positions.
Controlling premature ejaculation is something that I believe you wish you could do.
To stop this problem, don't make love in the missionary position anymore.
Try it and see the results.
By not engaging in the missionary position, you can easily add a few extra minutes to your lovemaking tonight.
The best sex position for you to last longer is the Woman on Top position.
In this position, your lady will do all the thrusting and you just need to lie back and relax.
While she is thrusting, don't visualize anything sexual in your mind.
This is the good time to use the "distraction technique".
I believe the reason why men tend to last longer when their ladies are on top because they don't use their muscles to do the thrusting.
Some muscles, when activated, can easily cause you to erupt as soon as sex begins.
While you are switching position, take the opportunity to do the squeeze technique.
Grab the upper part of the shaft of your manhood and squeeze it to cut off some blood flow.
This will cause your arousal to subside and allow you to last longer immediately.
It's important to choose a position that is going to be less stimulating for you but still feels great for her.
When you are about to finish, just choose any position that suits you.
The tips above are sufficient to add a few extra minutes to your lovemaking tonight.
However, if you want to stop premature ejaculation permanently and enjoy sex like every man should, check out the bonus tip below (distraction techniques, squeeze methods and many more):
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