Methods to Enhance Communication in Verbal Children

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    Respecting Children

    • Some parents will cut their child off while speaking without giving it a second thought. This may be because their child talks a lot, the parents wants to make a point or the child has misspoken and the parents wants to make a correction. This habit influences children to be rude and to cut off others while they speak. It is best to let a child complete their thoughts and form an entire sentence. If you want to critique what they said, do so after the child has finished speaking. Make sure to listen to your kids intently. The more respected a child feels when they are communicating, the more likely they will continue communicating.


    • Parents who read to their children help improve listening skills. You can do this even if your child is just learning how to speak or read. create flash cards with words and the pictures that represent them to improve reading skills. Quiz your child on a regular basis.

    Body Language

    • Body language and nonverbal cues are a huge part of communication. Teach your child how to pay attention to body language at an early age. Explain that it is polite to make eye contact while someone else is speaking. Nodding will let the other person know you are listening. Also, children should wait their turn before speaking. Teach children to raise their hands and wait to be called on to speak when in a group setting.


    • Improve communication skills by practicing writing skills. Children should be encouraged to write outside of school. Writing creative pieces will introduce your child to a new skill and hobby and get them used to a new form of communication. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization will also improve the more a child writes.

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