How to Install Media Center From a CAB File

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    • 1). Download the Mobile Media Center CAB installation file to be installed on the Windows Mobile-enabled device. Save (or copy) the CAB installation file to the computer’s desktop for quick access.

    • 2). Connect the mobile device to the computer. The HP iPaq series connects to the computer using the cradle. Other devices may connect with a USB connector cable. Once the device is detected by Windows, ActiveSync will open.

    • 3). Click the button labeled ”Explore” from the top navigation ribbon in the ActiveSync window. A file explorer window will launch showing the folders and files on the mobile device. The file explorer will allow the user to copy files onto the mobile device.

    • 4). Drag the Media Center CAB installation file from the desktop to the mobile device’s file explorer window. Drop the file onto the right pane of the file explorer window to copy the file to the root folder of the mobile device.

    • 5). Un-cradle or unplug the mobile device.

    • 6). Tap “Start” on the mobile device.

    • 7). Tap the “Programs” option and then tap “File Explorer.” The file explorer on the device will launch.

    • 8). Tap “My Documents.” The Media Center CAB file will be located in the My Documents folder if the file was copied to the mobile device’s root folder.

    • 9). Tap the CAB file to install the software onto the device. Follow the on-screen installation to complete the installation.

    • 10

      Tap “Finish” to close the installation tool.

    • 11

      Tap “Start,” then tap “Programs." Tap the Media Center icon to launch the program.

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