How to Deal With Spiritual Obstacles Blocking Your Child From God

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A Mother is always concerned for the health and happiness of her children.
A child's spiritual happiness and well-being is no different.
All mothers want their child to be completely cared for even to the point of having a relationship with God.
Just recently, I found that my 17-year-old son has been turning away from anything spiritual and wants nothing to do with going to church.
I found this odd and of course am concerned for the spiritual well-being of my child.
First let me explain that my son lives with his father and brother and the father does not attend any kind of church services.
The father also allows video games, and magic spell cards that are the craze in the children of today.
Furthermore, he also allows all kinds of television cartoons that contain violence.
Not the kinds of things that I allowed; when I was present in the home for this very reason; therefore I went to the one person I could ask for advice and information on this matter.
My minister and I am passing the information onto you encase you should encounter this same obstacle.
He said how to deal with spiritual obstacles blocking your child from God.
Is to pray the blocks be, removed away from the child and that the child will loose interest in these things.
These video games and cards have demonic blocks attached to them and are damaging to our children.
The children see these things as fun, magic and power.
However, this is a false sense of being and the child becomes drawn; into this imaginary world and become lost.
This is disturbing to any mother who wants their child to be with the lord when he returns.
I wanted to have an instant solution to the situation however there is not one.
Because, unfortunately at seventeen years old; my son is old enough to decide for himself to choose to follow the lord.
I cannot do this one thing for him he must choose the right path to walk.
All that I can do is ask in my prayers that these things be destroyed, banned, removed from the path of not only my child but all other children as well.
Before they inflict even more damage on other children.
I hope and pray that you are not, having to go through this situation with your child because I know how truly difficult it is to deal with.
Therefore, I do hope that this is a help to some extent to aide you if you are a mother and are dealing with these kinds of spiritual blocks as well.
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