Know What An Insurance Company Colorado Springs Can Do For You

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An insurance company Colorado Springs can do much more than sell an automobile or homeowners' insurance policies. Experienced agents assist consumers in creating a financial plan for the future by protecting their clients from unforeseen, unpleasant future events. Using the specialized knowledge of these trained insurance agents saves people time and money.

The five groups of protection an insurance company Colorado Springs offers are automobile, homeowners, health, life and disability. Colorado requires all vehicles operated in their state to have bodily injury liability with minimum limits of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and $15,000 for property damage. Homeowners are available in two groups called broad and basic with many subcategories. Every consumer has the right to full disclosure under health coverage including any restrictions to physicians or hospitals. Although many professionals quote life insurance at five times the annual salary, a careful analysis of lifestyle and expenses is necessary to determine appropriate limits. Two classes of disability insurance provide benefits up to $115,000 or $192,000.

Only by carefully analyzing the individual and his or her lifestyle, can a company representative helped design the program. Single young people with limited income, no assets, high auto insurance premiums, older cars and company provided health insurance may choose to carry only automobile insurance with the lowest liability limits allowed. To protect loved ones, young professionals with a family and good company provided health insurance might focus on automobile insurance with higher liability limits and full coverage, life insurance and disability insurance. As this group purchases homes, they will add homeowners insurance and enough additional life insurance to cover the mortgage balance. Using larger life insurance policies to help beneficiaries deal with tax consequences of businesses or large estates are suggested to business owners and people with substantial assets.

These life-planning services are free. By spending half an hour with an experienced insurance company Colorado Springs agent, consumers get the benefit of years of specialized training and knowledge. Not only do these professionals know the insurance business, they can outline programs and help their customers reduce the cost of premiums. Combining two insurance policies normally saves 10% to 20% on each policy. Adding a home security system can reduce homeowners insurance by up to 20% while increasing the amount of the deductibles saves money on all policies.

Consumers save money and time when they allow insurance company Colorado Springs representatives to help them customize a financial plan for their insurance needs now and in the future. As their situation, changes from single, to married, to family, to retired, their automobile, homeowners, health, life and disability needs vary. Insurance professionals make suggestions and adjustments to these programs providing peace of mind.
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