Just Go Nuts!

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A reader emailed me recently asking me for ideas for 'snacks' between meals.
It seems beyond cold meats, protein shakes/bars, and fruits he was a little stumped.
Poor guy.
Now, this is more of an important issue than many people realize.
Especially for those who work long hours and don't have access to a kitchen/cooking area.
Yes, I recommend you prepare your meals for the week ahead - this gives you the best chances possible to sticking to your nutrition plan - but it can be difficult to just go heat up a meal when you're supposed to be working at 11am.
So, what can you do? There is the option above of protein shakes or protein bars.
I don't like to over-consume these myself, I usually never have more than one protein shake per day.
Supplements are expensive, and should primarily be used around the workout, not as meal replacements.
Some people have also mentioned to me another issue - they feel they look a little odd drinking protein shakes in the office.
Now, this shouldn't bother you, just explain 'you're trying to be healthy', and move on.
If it's an issue for someone else, let them deal with it.
It's not an issue for you.
Another option is that of fruit.
It's not a bad option, but if you're aiming to hit protein targets, only having fruit in a snack isn't going to do you many favors.
The answer therefore is to go for nuts.
These super little things have all we want for a nutritious snack.
They contain lots of goodies we're looking for; protein, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fibre, magnesium, folic acid, and phosphorus.
Eating nuts high in mono-unsaturated fat can help you feel full, fight muscle loss, wrinkles, cancer, and high blood pressure.
Just don't opt for the nuts in that KP bag, they've probably been heavily salted or smoked.
Other than that you're good to go, in moderation of course.
Try to judge a snack by about a handful.
If you to be a bit more adventurous, put some in a bowl with some organic natural yogurt, and some blueberries.
My personal favorites are almonds, walnuts, and pecans.
I personally recommend you get maximum nutritional benefit by having mixed nuts rather than just one type.
It's a bit more exciting too.
They are also a brilliant snack to take with you to the cinema.
Especially if seeing someone munching popcorn next to you really tests your devotion to clean eating.
Oh and one final thing, having a Walnut Whip doesn't count as a healthy snack.
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