Ethical, Ecological and Green Children"s Books

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So why do we need ethical, ecological and green children's books? Well, we only need switch on the TV to see the mess that current and previous generations have made of a beautiful planet - climate change, pollution, exploitation of natural resources, decimation of plant and animal species - the list is endless.
What if every child on the planet grew up believing the Earth is a sacred place and treated every nook, cranny, field, mountain, river, stream and ocean as such? What if every child respected the natural world and every animal and planet which lives upon it? Would Planet Earth of the Future then become a paradise, rather than a rubbish tip? This is the vision which inspires me to write children's books.
Exciting stories about magical people and places, about how the people of ancient civilizations perhaps understand rather more than we do about the necessity of preserving the land for future generations can give us ideas about how to make our world a better place.
Stone circles, standing circles, secret codes, ley lines UFOs, ghosts, legends, lost treasure, tumuli, haunted places, ancient civilizations.
All of these open a window onto a more magical world - a vision of the past, the present - and the future still to be created by the children of today for the children of tomorrow.
Let us spin stories from the threads of yesterday and weave a greener, brighter and more magical world for the days which are yet to come.
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