The Top Five Most Useless Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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This year's rattled by way to quickly, don't you think? Whether you and your girlfriend are long-standing sweethearts or have only been together a short time, now's the time to spoil her rotten.
We're talking romantic, thoughtful gifts, fellers, to make her feel like a princess.
If you're wondering what not to get your lovely lady, read on.
Here are the worst Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend.
A book.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not saying books make horrible Christmas gifts for girlfriends.
I'm just saying books are horrible gifts when you compare them to, say, other better pressies.
Put it this way.
Would you rather receive a car air freshener for Christmas, or would you rather get a brand spanking new Ferrari 250 GTO or the new Bentley Continental G8? So why would you bother to get your beloved a single book when you could get her a kindle that she could fill up with 400 of her favourite books? Shoddy jewellery.
Thinking of surprising your girlfriend with some sparkly bling? Do your homework, chaps.
Never go cheap.
"Plated", "filled" or "gold tone" are words to be avoided at all costs.
Always plump for "gold" or "platinum".
And she'll definitely know what's what when her skin turns green.
Let's get one thing straight.
Unless she has her own workshop, watches DIY programs on TV or enjoys building wardrobes, shelves or new entertainment systems, she probably doesn't want tools for Christmas.
Sure, she might own a couple of screwdrivers, a tape measure, a little hamper and maybe a pair of pliers so she can do small household repairs, but tool boxes and power drills do not make good Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends.
Best save them for another day.
Fishing gear.
Does your girlfriend spend every weekend fishing at the lake with her girly pals? Does she own camouflage coveralls, a camouflage hat and the latest fishing rod? No? Then she'll probably be less than overjoyed to receive fishing stuff.
A nice handbag, pair of shoes or a little black number would be more appreciated in the long run.
She could play with her toys while you play with yours.
Smiley face.
Cotton pyjamas or a bath robe.
Why spoil one of the most magical times of year by getting your girlfriend either of the aforementioned? A.
) you're suggesting she's a frumpy old housewife and b.
) you're insinuating she's lazy.
When it comes to buying sleepwear for your beloved lady, there are just two rules to follow: Get the right size.
No matter how sexy something is, getting the wrong size means you think she looks like a whale.
If it's too big, she'll think you think she's fatter than she really is and if it's too small, she'll think you wish she were skinny enough to fit.
A gift voucher to her favourite shop would make a much better Christmas gift idea for girlfriends.
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