Video: How to Decorate a Table With Repurposed Items

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carol Ruth Weber, interior and life designer with Weber Life Design. And today, we're going to talk about decorating a table by using repurposed items. Decorating a table can be costly, the linens themselves can be expensive, the tableware, the dishes can all be high end. You don't, you want to try to save cost and you have items in your home that you can actually use, in place of those items. Scarves can look beautiful dressing a table, layered, they can look just as nice, or even nicer than table linens. Consider, if you need dishes, you want to surf through the thrift shops. You could find beautiful China. They might not be matching pieces, but you could get beautiful patterns that coordinate with each other. And you could create a whole new look that will be your own. Decorating for a centerpiece, you could use a piece of marble found in any home store. Just simply add little feet to the bottom of the 12 by 12 piece, and you have a trivet for hot dishes, as well as a place to show your centerpiece. Use a centerpiece maybe of stones and shells you've gathered, and you could display them in a centerpiece. Or, a centerpiece could be as easy as getting a beautiful mirror with a frame in it and creating a tray out of that. You could anything, you could be like Scarlett O'Hara and Tara, and grab your drapery and create a beautiful tablecloth, or upholster chairs with it. You can also upholster chairs with recycled denim or anything else that you might have available. Tables can be beautiful and repurposing is a great opportunity to help with the greening of our environment. So, have fun repurposing, be creative. You could take antique silverware, and fold the ends around to actually make napkin holders that could be absolutely beautiful and one of a kind pieces of art. All of these things are very inventive and very creative. And you table will truly look like a piece of artwork and impress any guest that comes to your door. Have fun, enjoy doing your thing with your table and everything else in your abode. And never be afraid to dance.
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