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Updated June 09, 2015.

Learn all about premature baby clothes, including what types of clothes babies can wear in the NICU, how to wash preemie clothes, and how to knit and crochet premature baby clothes. Information about clothes for twins and multiples is included, along with preemie clothes reviews from readers and About.com Guides.

1. Premature Baby Clothes for in the NICU

Answers parents questions about when preemies and other NICU babies can wear clothes, what types of clothes are best for preemies, and how to wash preemie clothes.More »

2. Premature Baby Clothes to Make at Home

If you're crafty, then you may enjoy making preemie hats, baby blankets, preemie booties, and more. Free knitting patterns and free crochet patterns for preemies are included, along with patterns for preemie quilts and plenty of baby blankets.More »

3. Preemie Clothes Reviews

Readers and About.com Guides review their favorite and least favorite premature baby clothes, websites, and more.More »

4. Clothes for Twins and Multiples

About.com's Guide to Multiples put together this great list of websites dedicated to dressing twins and multiples in matching or coordinating outfits.More »
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