Superman Birthday Ideas

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    • Look for clip art of the famous Superman logo. The Superman logo is a large "S" inside of a diamond cut shape. Place the Superman logo on the front of all the invitations you make for party guests. Place party information inside the invitation and put a small piece of red fabric on the back of the invitation to mimic a Superman cape. You can also make a Superman-themed comic invitation by putting information in dialogue boxes. Look at regular Superman comic books to help come up with ideas.


    • You don't have to spend tons of money to get basic Superman-themed decorations. Start by following the basic color theme of Superman, which are red, blue and yellow. If you are purchasing balloons or streamers, make sure to get a good mixture of all these colors. Many party stores also sell Superman logo items such as napkins, plates and cups. If you are crafty you can try making fake miniature city buildings out of cardboard. Alternatively, you can also make a fake telephone booth out of cardboard.

    Food Ideas

    • Most party food items are the same, but the description and idea behind them can change. Change the names of the foods you serve to help create a more Superman-themed party. Some examples would be "Laser Beam-Cooked Hot Dogs" or "Green Kryptonite Kool-Aid."


    • Party games can really help the Superman-themed party come to life for kids. Base the games off the powers and abilities of Superman. One game would be a racing game; let the kids all race to one specific target and the first one there saves the day. This could be anything from stopping a bomb from going off or saving Lois Lane. You can also put a new spin on an older game such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Have a Superman cardboard cut out and have the kids pin the "S" on the Superman.

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