An Introduction to Bunion Surgery Houston

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Bunion is a common and complex foot deformity grows gradually over a long time due to hereditary causes or flat feet. This often causes severe foot pain and unfortunately nothing can be done to heal the pain except surgery. It is seen that most of the people has a very little or no idea about this surgery and living with several misconception about the treatment procedure, duration and result. This article is to focus on explaining the facts of this surgery and other aspects regarding it.

Bunion surgery what is also known as hallux abduct ovalgus though looks like a bump on side of foot it is an outward protuberance of lower joint of big toe. People with exact flat foot structure are prone to suffer from this issue comparatively more than others. Bunion develops gradually in excessive flexible feet throughout a long period. Over-flexible foot tends to strain the long bone and contract the big toe towards other toe. Myth is bunion pain causes because of tight fit or high hill shoes while the truth is shoes only aggravate the pain when it is rubbed against the swelling. Because of shoe issue the painful bunion is reported to be more common among women. Even famous stars are not exception of it.

All bunions are not equally painful. Many time it just remain as a deformity. Patients often look for surgery just for getting rid of the bump for beauty purpose. However, Bunion Surgery Houston is mostly recommended by doctor when it is causing severe pain or extreme deformity. Before the surgery your doctor or podiatric surgeon will run a series of tests like x-rays, blood tests and verify your medical history to determine if you are fit for a surgery. They may need pulmonary clearance and overall report of your current health status before performing the surgery.

Bunion surgery is a complex surgical procedure where the experts will cut the bone and reset to new position for shifting the first metatarsal to position in properly and make it work. While determining the course of operation Doctors highly concentrate on the fact how worse the bunion has already developed and positioning of big joint cartilage and second toe. Another focus of surgeons remains on the current spot of first metatarsal along with the strength and how tolerant the bone is. These are important to determine from where the bone should be shaved and if any extra effort to be given for fixing the deformity right. However, only cutting down the protrusion is not enough as often bunion and its symptoms comes back with time. Surgeries are performed using local anesthesia by foot doctor Houston. In minor surgeries you don't have to be hospitalized for overnight. This surgery mostly takes almost two hours though it can be even of five hours depending on the seriousness of action.

For complete healing one need to wait for six to eight weeks. In this time your feet need complete rest from wait bearing or other kind of stress. Pressure or sudden anomalous movement can setback the healing process. Your feet can start working naturally from one to three months of surgery.
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