Cocktail Recipes with Bacardi: Drinks that Become Your Favorite

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There are so many cocktail recipes with Bacardi that you can create. So much so that you'll have two whole months of drinking cocktails with Bacardi that you wouldn't even repeat any of them. You can mix rum in creative and refreshing ways that will give your palate a new twist day after day. There are a lot of choices to pick from like the booty juice, the pina colada, the dark side, the pain killer, the weakness and many more.

Out of all the 59 popularly known cocktail recipes with Bacardi as a main ingredient, six mixes are most renowned. These are the yellow bird, the green star, the caribou lou, zombie, liquid cocaine and rocket fuel. Before you start mixing things up at home, it's a good idea to know more about the uniqueness of these popular cocktails. From the name itself, the yellow bird comes out in a girly yellow color that's delectable and satisfyingly refreshing. With the green star, you can also expect that it's going to have the color it's named with and it comes with a mouth-watering finishing kick.

Among the six well-known cocktail recipes with Bacardi, nothing piques the curiosity more than the liquid cocaine. As its name promises, just a glass and you have had it for the day. This Bacardi-based cocktail has four main ingredients: Bacardi 151, rumple minze, goldschlager and jagermeister. To get the extra oomph with this beverage, you need a shot glass or the shooter. The shaker can bring up its bubbly finish which makes it more appealing to the eyes. Just shake all the ingredients and a cube or two of ice in the shaker, strain the drink and pull your head back and shoot it down.

Another one of the most popular kinds of cocktail recipes with Bacardi is the zombie. This is mainly the choice drink for younger adults. It's a great mix of a tasty flavor as well as a strong alcoholic kick. Depending on your alcohol tolerance, just a glass or two can make your day. With three glasses, it's said that you can transform into a zombie - literally and figuratively. You also need a shaker with this drink and the best glass for your mix? It's the hurricane glass. That's 300 ml of a good alcoholic beverage kick and deliciousness all in one.

There are a lot more ingredients needed besides Bacardi and you can toy around a little depending on your mood. You can pour a dash of white, dark, and golden rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, orange juice, grenadine and apricot brandy. Shake all the ingredients up except the Bacardi. The shaker will need to be filled with a generous amount of ice. Only when you pour the drink into the glass that you splash the Bacardi in it. It's a classic drink to go with if you just want to kick back after a long day's work or if you're having a party on the weekend with your friends. With its name, these cocktail recipes with bacardi have become the unofficial drink during Halloween.

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