How do I Use a Luhr Jensen Jet Diver?

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    Uses of the Jet Diver

    • The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver is produced to dive to a specific depth, with different sizes designed for different depths. The Jet Diver is used to present lures or baits to fish that are suspended or feeding at a determined depth.

    Rigging the Jet Diver

    • The Jet Diver is used by deciding at what depth to fish and selecting the corresponding Jet Diver, according to Luhr Jensen's website. The Jet Diver is then tied onto the fishing line and a lure or bait is attached to the bottom of the Jet Diver with a 4- or 5-foot length of fishing line.

    Fishing with the Jet Diver

    • Once properly rigged, the Jet Diver is ready to be used. The Jet Diver, along with the bait or lure, is gently cast into the water and trolled behind the fishing boat. The Jet Diver should be allowed to work on 100 feet of line to ensure the proper depth is achieved.

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