How to Get a Clean Workout without a Gym

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It is absolutely inessential that you should regularly visit a gym and spend huge sums of money to maintain physical fitness. There are lots of workouts you can do at home with some common items available at home and without the aid of all those fancy equipments found in a gym. All you need is a sense of commitment and some convenient hours to do the physical activities to condition your cardiovascular system and build your muscular strength.

1. There are any number of aerobic activities you can do outdoors like brisk walking, jogging, running, hiking, biking, inline skating or playing tennis.
2. Instead of relying on your domestic help, mow the lawn with a push mower, vacuum the carpet, shovel snow, or carry some weight up and down a flight of stairs a few times.
3. Do some squats by standing in front of a chair with your feet set apart. Bend your knees as if you are about to sit in the chair, bearing your entire weight on your heels. When your upper legs are parallel with the seat of the chair, you may slowly get back to your original standing position.
4. Doing some wall sits will be rewarding. Stand with your back flat against the wall and slowly move your feet away from the wall even as the wall is supporting you. Bend your knees so that your legs form a 90-degree angle and hold in that position as long as you possibly can. Repeat a few times.
5. With your arms by your side, take a massive step forward with your right leg so your thigh becomes parallel with the floor as your left knee goes down. Make sure your front knee does not go past your toe. Pushing backward off the same leg, you can return to your original position. Do it again with your left leg.

6. Opt for plié squat lunges that can really tone up your system. Take a wide stance with your toes pointing outward at about a 45 degree angle. Stand upright and slowly bend your knees in the direction of your toes till you cease to see your toes. Squeeze your inner thighs as you slowly return to the original position.
7. Push-ups should compulsorily form a part of your home exercises. You can do them standing and facing a wall with your knees bent or on the floor with your legs straight and toes touching the ground.
8. Do some simple calf raises: Stand on a flight of stairs with your heels on the edge of a step. Holding onto the railing, lift your heels, then lower and repeat it a few times.
9. Make it a point to work your arms with dips. Holding a chair or bench with your palms and your feet on the floor, scoot your rear end off the end of the chair. Bend your elbows, lower your body and straighten your arms and then get back to the original position.
10. Hold an object of fairly heavy weight close to your body in front of you. Stand with feet apart beyond shoulder distance and keep your knees slightly bent. Keeping your hips straight, rotate as far as possible to one side and then to the other, stretching to full range of motion.

Acquiring fitness through gym-free physical activities at home is now being followed by many. Devoting 30 to 45 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercises, at least six days a week will make you physically agile and mentally alert. This level of activity is adequate to reduce your risk of developing major chronic diseases and remain healthy.
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