Prevention and Treatment of Pertussis in Adults

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´╗┐Prevention and Treatment of Pertussis in Adults


Pertussis remains an imminent concern as rates of infection continue to increase, particularly in adults and adolescents. Prevention, accurate diagnosis, and treatment of pertussis are all important facets of infection management. Vaccination is a crucial aspect of infection prevention, and herd immunity throughout the community allows for decreased transmission and infection in people of all ages, principally infants.

The pharmacist's role as a disseminator of information regarding the importance of vaccination and its proper timing is crucial for disease-prevention advocacy. Additionally, pharmacists can serve as accessible sources of vaccine administration within the community. They are often the first healthcare provider approached by patients for symptomatic treatment, so a proper assessment of medical history is essential for timely referral to a physician. Additionally, pharmacists may provide information regarding antibiotic treatment and prophylaxis and help healthcare providers assess patientspecific factors for antimicrobial selection.

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