7 Reasons Why Creating Web Content by Doing Interviews is a Great Idea

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One of the best and fastest ways to create web content is by conducting interviews with niche experts. Aside from being relatively simple, this method holds several advantages. It allows you to optimize your time and effort. You do the work once and you get paid for it many times over. You are also able to leverage the knowledge of the experts you interview as well as leverage the power of their celebrity name and their traffic.

Let me list 7 advantages in doing interviews to create web content.

1. It's a quick way to create information products. You can take an hour to do an interview, but at the end of that hour, you have your web content as well as your product - or at least one component of it, in case you decide to make a product that's composed of a series of interviews. You're creating content at the speed of sound. Nifty, yes?

2. Doing interviews skillfully opens doors of opportunity. Getting an expert to agree to be interviewed by you is already a step in the right direction. When you do the interview and you do it intelligently and professionally, you communicate as an equal and therefore are perceived to be on an equal footing with the expert. That situation is rife with possibilities if you know how to leverage the advantage you've already received.

3. By interviewing experts, you are able to leverage content from the experts, who have put in years of study and trial and testing in the particular niche they're an authority in. Since they know the topic backwards and forwards, you don't have to. Your job is to draw out their hard-earned knowledge. By doing this, you're leveraging what they have put so much time and effort into.

4. You become an expert by association. When doing an interview, you become associated with the expert. Your picture is besides theirs in the website; your name is there beside theirs. Your status with the public is quickly elevated by association. Also, as you keep doing interviews with experts on a certain niche, you eventually become quite well-informed in their niche as well, simply by hearing them talk of their discoveries, their strategies and techniques over a period of time.

5. You get to leverage traffic from the experts. Most experts are quite open to letting their subscribers know that they have been interviewed by so-and-so and to direct their followers to where they can get access to the interview. Being experts, they most likely have a sizeable mailing list that you'll be able to tap into once his followers come and access your interview.

6. Interviews have a powerful, interactive format. Because its format is simple and easy to follow, people like listening to interviews. They're able to elicit a good amount of knowledge from them in a non-boring, friendly way. You as the interviewer gain significance in their regard because you're asking the questions that they want answers to.

7. Finally, interviews are simple to do. You ask a question, the expert answers. It's not very complicated at all. Simple, however, is not necessarily easy. You need to do some research on the subject matter in order to come up with intelligent, thought-provoking questions that elicit a response from the expert that is new and fresh. You need to be able to extract information different from what the audience already knew before listening to the interview. By doing that, your audience will come to really appreciate your efforts in acting as an advocate on their behalf.

Certainly there are skills that need to be mastered in order to conduct a successful interview. However, the skills are not difficult and the rewards when it comes to producing web content are more than commensurate for the effort you put in. Try it out and you'll find that there's a lot of power in interview-based web content.
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