How to Make a Balloon Knot on No-Sew Blankets

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    • 1). Grasp one of the fringes with the thumb, index and middle finger of your dominant hand. Do this right where the fringe connects to the no-sew blanket.

    • 2). Wrap the fringe around your index and middle finger and bring it back around to your thumb.

    • 3). Cross the end of the fringe over the circle you formed and back up through the inside of the circle.

    • 4). Pull the end of the fringe through the circle, pushing the balloon knot snugly up to where the fringe and blanket are in contact. This forms a knot that gives the no-sew blanket a professional look.

    • 5). Repeat the balloon knot on each piece of fringe, taking care to keep the knots close to the blanket section. Do this on all of the fringe. This knot does not unravel during laundering.

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