Organic Food: Ten Foods You Should Definitely Buy (Organic) for Your Young Children

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I believe successful computing also involves successful health management.
So you will receive articles like this one periodically interspersed between computing articles.
Poor health produces poor computing.
Baby Foods: A 1995 report found 16 pesticides in approximately half the non-organic baby food samples.
Rice: In California, rice fields have been sprayed with so much pesticide that the groundwater has become contaminated.
Strawberries: 500 pounds of pesticide an acre is sprayed on non-organic strawberries.
Cereal grains: 90% of tested non-organic wheat cereals were found with pesticides according to a 1994 U.
Food and Drug Administration report.
Corn products: Processed foods containing corn (e.
popcorn and corn chips) were among the top 15 foods most likely to expose children to unsafe doses of organophosphate pesticides.
Bananas: Non-organic bananas from Central and South America are produced using benomyl (linked to birth defects) and chloropyrifos (neurotoxin).
Green Beans:A 1993 report found that 7 percent of the non-organic beans imported from Mexico contained residues of illegal pesticides.
Peaches: A recent US report stated that 5% of the non-organic peach crop was TOO contaminated for children to eat.
Apple juice: Non-organic apple juice ranks second highest for organophosphate residues.
Grapes and raisins: They very well may be the most pesticide polluted fruit in North America.
With these statistics, we must become more vigilant about what we feed our children and ourselves.
This kind of contamination can undoubtedly inhibit the healthy growth of our children.
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