How to Attract Women - 3 Tips on How to Get Women to Not Just Notice You But Want You As Well

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A lot of guys will wonder what they can do to get women to notice them, and that's where all of the questioning ends. It's one thing to get women to notice you, it's another thing entirely to make them want you as well. If you think that it's hard to attract women and make them really desire you, pay attention. It just might be easier than you ever thought, and in no time at all, you can be the guy that women fall head over heels for.

Here are 3 tips to get women to notice you AND want you as well:

1. Women want what they cannot have and they want what other women do have.

This wouldn't be too popular a topic in a group of women, but it's the truth. Women want to get the guy that they see as a challenge and they want him even more when it looks like other women want him as well. When you are out in a club or a bar, try to get in with a group of women, and pay attention to how suddenly other women start to pay attention to you. Flirt with 2 women at once, and watch how they start to compete with each other for your attention.

2. Women pay attention and desire guys that can show their independence.

Too many guys fail to see how important it is to show a woman that you can be independent of her, that you can kind of just do your own thing, and that they like that kind of behavior. Just because you've heard all the cliches about how women want a guy that is always there for them, it doesn't change the fact that women respond much more favorably to guys that have no problem with doing their own thing.

3. To make a woman really desire you, she has to see that you are not a boring guy.

Most of the time when a guy finds that it's hard for him to attract women and get their attention, it has to do with the fact that he is coming across as being just too ordinary, too bland. To stand out, you have to look like you have style, like you know how to have a good time and that you are anything but boring. You also have to show her that dating you will be fun for her, and that will make her desire to be with you.
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