Personalized Proofreading With a Correction Software

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Your English correction software can do a very good job of proofreading your piece all on its own.
However, we all have bad writing habits that may not necessarily be detected as errors by even the best writing software.
That's why personalizing your proofreading is so important, as it lets you get a handle on those issues just as your automated writing assistant works its magic on everything else.
What kind of problems will a stock correction software not be able to detect?
  • valid words that are actually misspellings
  • habitual usage of certain words or phrases (some software will flag repetitive use of items, but you'll often have to set it)
  • poor choice of words (they're not wrong, but they could be bad, depending on your readers and subject matter)
  • and many more
Simply put, you will need to take stock of common issues that you encounter in your writing and integrate them into the list of things that you correction software proofreads for - personalizing the proofreading process, to be exact.
You do know you could that, right? Most of the newer writing software will have a facility for you to add items to check and fixes to apply, so you can have it work specifically on weak aspects of your composition skills.
Keep a list of writing mistakes you make every time you write.
This will be very handy when deciding what checks and fixes to add into your English corrector software.
Also, take note of edits and corrections made by teachers or editors in your work, including them in the list of writing issues you can watch out for.
Personalizing your proofreading might be extra work.
However, it's extra work that will benefit you immensely, as you produce material that's polished and spotless.
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