Say Cheese, Baby!

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Babies are probably the cutest creatures on earth, but because they grow up so fast, no parent can resist the urge to capture as many photographs of their little ones as they can.
A professional photo shoot at a studio is unquestionable for many parents, who enjoy both taking and receiving the photos.
But because a fussy baby outdoors in never fun, that day may not pass as smoothly as it's supposed to.
Before you go, it's a smart idea to call the studio in advance, set a date, time and duration and have them respond to any inquiries you have in mind.
This way you can take your time without worrying about keeping people waiting.
When you're there, however, if you encounter someone who's only in for a passport photo, let them go first, since a baby photo shoot can take more time than you think.
It is normal for close relatives to be often excited about the event and wish to take part, so don't stress out if a relative insists to be there.
Allow as much close people as possible to share this special day, but ask them nicely to leave the shooting room once their photos are taken to prevent overcrowding the studio.
If feasible, invite friends with babies to take part.
It will be a very interesting memory should the babies become friends someday.
Although there is evidently no rule to it, but the best age to take the baby for shooting photos is starting 4-6 months.
At this age, babies begin to develop facial features close to what they will be like in the future (unlike the alien faces of a newborn!) and will also be more interactive.
Many already develop their own favorite laughing trigger, which will make it easy for the photographer to capture those loveable smiles.
You will need: 1) Several cute outfits: Because you will want to take different shots of your baby, it is a good idea to be prepared with all the outfits you planned.
2) The baby's brush: This one is an absolute necessity.
Between changing outfits and fussing around, your baby is bound to mess up his/her hair.
Don't forget matching earrings and/or other accessories if you have a pretty little girl.
3) A drink: Not only because it's feeding time, but also because babies could stress out from all the lights and camera flashes.
Remember to bring the baby's bottle and formula (and juice if he/she is old enough).
Consider asking about the availability of a place to nurse, if you will need one, beforehand.
Teethers and pacifiers are often needed for the same purpose.
Remember that all friends and family members will be just as excited as you about the pictures, so make sure you ask for several copies for close friends and relatives, especially grandma and grandpa.
Buy an album to store the photos safely and a few frames for the special extra cute ones.
A photo shoot every 6 months is usually sufficient, since you possibly have tons of everyday pictures on that mobile phone of yours.
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