Grab Attendees" Attention With Successful Trade Show Exhibits

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At trade events, booth staff and attendees alike are short on time.
At such a quick-paced event, companies only have a few minutes to gain and keep booth visitors' attention.
It is crucial for companies to use their time wisely and be aware of their target audience and demographics, the trends in the industry, and to focus their attention toward meeting their goals of attending trade events in the first place.
With such precious little time to waste, those manning the trade show booth have to be direct, content-driven, and creative when designing presentations and sales pitches.
Direct And To The Point We have all had to sit through rambling speeches where the speaker seems to take forever to make a point.
At trade show exhibits, time literally is money.
Show attendees aren't there to dawdle over every booth and marvel at the display technology (though you do want to grab their attention with an innovative, eye-catching booth design).
Trade show booth visitors have often been sent by their company to form new business relationships and seek out deals.
Usually armed with a list of prospective booths to visit, they do not have the time to wait through your long presentation.
The booth staff should create short presentations to entice visitors.
Make sure you are able to get your main message across - specifically, what products or services your company is focused on selling.
Think of a presentation in the 15 to 30 second range.
That way, people passing by will hear a large chunk of your message and will be more willing to stop.
Focus On The Content In Your Trade Show Booth Again, the key is to whittle down the padding and get to the core of the message.
Not only do you need to do this, but you also need to figure out what your target audience wants to hear and how they want to hear it.
If your business caters to the over-65 crowd, you may want to go with a more traditional approach.
But if you offer revolutionary new technological gadgets, consider less conventional methods.
If videos are used, they should contain plenty of fascinating graphics that advertise your business.
Giveaways at trade show exhibits should also be directly tied to your main message.
Be sure that all the elements of the exhibit work together.
It is vital to create a cohesive package.
The graphics, display, video and/or audio, and presentation should all focus on whatever specific product you are trying to push.
Be Creative And Interesting Come up with new ways to attract attention.
Have a showstopper dressed up in costume, a giveaway that entices the whole exhibition hall, or an innovative method of spreading the word.
Consider having a video or audio message playing in your trade show booth.
Include plenty of attention-grabbing graphics, and make sure the key message doesn't get lost in the mix.
It can be hard to stand out from the crowd at trade show booths, but by simply focusing on what is important - the main message or selling point - companies will be able to ensure the show is a success.
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