Overcoming Procrastination: Can Self-improvement Books Really Help?

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"This is a life-changing book"... "This book changed everything for me"....

How many times have you flicked through the internet or looked on the front cover of a so-called 'Best Seller' and read these types of testimonials from satisfied customers? Whether you are surfing the net or looking in your local book store it is not difficult to find a book or article focussed on self-improvement; either geared towards developing a specific area of your life or all-round spiritual or professional growth.

From my experiences I would say that there is definitely some usefulness in investing in a self-improvement book, and I have now read a few books which have really helped me to understand and begin to overcome procrastination. However, I would air on the side of caution when it comes to handing over your hard earned cash as I do not believe that a few books are not going to revolutionise your entire life.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying that those satisfied customers who write testimonials like the ones above are lying to you: they probably did find true enlightenment in what they read. However, I genuinely believe that these people were in the right frame of mind to receive the information which they read, and this is the key to overcoming procrastination. Initially, when I first started making a conscious effort to stop procrastinating, I started looking online for advice. Then I printed off every article I could find. Then I read a book. The quest for information, the desire to over-plan and that feeling that you are not yet ready to start something is a trademark character trait of the typical procrastinator.

With this in mind before you decide to invest in that brilliant self-improvement book which has received rave reviews, be completely honest and ask yourself whether it is the critical tool that you need to ignite the new, non-procrastinating you... if this is not the case then you might find that the approach you are taking to overcoming procrastination is to procrastinate even further! However, if you are seeking this book as the means to start taking serious action then you will find that self-help books can really help you to learn a lot about yourself - what makes you tick and act the way you do - and provide practical advice and coaching for you to make genuine progress to overcoming procrastination, once and for all.

If you are looking for books that could really assist you in improving various aspects of your life - whether it is procrastination, time management or career development, then this link could provide you with a good starting point for finding a wealth of information geared towards self-help, improvement and motivation. Alternatively you can visit my website, which documents my struggles as a (recovering!) serial procrastinator, and reviews materials that I have read on the subject of managing and overcoming procrastination.
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