4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bathroom on a Budget

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When your bathrooms looks out of date, tired, old and ugly, it's difficult to feel relaxed when enjoying your bathroom. Your bathrooms appearance can also reduce the value of your home since it is the top-selling feature of a home. If you're on a budget or simply just don't want to waste a lot of money renovating, there are simple and quick projects that any homeowner can go to improve their bathroom by cleaning, repairing, painting and replacing. Cleaning a bathroom is hard work but extremely rewarding. Cleaning only takes a couple hours and is free if you have the cleaning supplies already on hand.

Clean the bathroom by removing all items and give your bathroom a cleaning of a lifetime. A good cleaning such as this with help you to find old paint, holes in the walls, missing caulk, missing gauk and other minor problems. While you're at it, pay attention to dated faucets, fittings, towel bars, shower heads, cabinet hardware and light fixtures. After your deep cleaning and figuring out what needs to be replaced, it's time to repair! Line your floor with rubber matting and get a plumber repair kit. The kits average about less than $10 and don't take long to use. The results make a big difference in how the bathroom not only looks but feels. Most bathrooms can be painted in a few hours for under $50. A fresh coat of paint can create a whole new bathroom and you'll be shocked by the transformation! Paint is like magic, it's inexpensive and an effective remodeling tool.

Paint your ceiling a lighter color, possibly several shades lighter than your wall, or consider a subtle pattern or design such as this to make the bathroom feel larger. A remodeling tip: Neutralize your colored porcelain fixtures by using a neutral gray satin paint on the walls. Then, finish your cabinets by using an espresso colored trim paint. Replacing things in your bathroom will completely transform the look of it. Install new towel bars, roll holders, outlet covers, switch plates, hardware, fixtures and faucets. All of these projects can be done by anyone with simple household tools. If you want to fix the floor, select a pattern vinyl adhesive-backed tile and cover your old worn out floor. Finish replacing things such as a new shower bar, curtain and hangers. To make it a little festive, add artwork to tie your colors together.

A creative way to reuse an existing mirror is to glue a picture frame around it by using construction adhesive. Then, add easy-to-install roll-out wire drawers under the cabinet to increase storage spaces! These upgrades will do a lot for your bathroom and can cost under $200. A smart remodeling project doesn't have to be expensive. All it takes is a creative person, a little bit of hard work and possibly a weekend to your bathroom into a modern, updated, clean space that feels like a retreat. The best part is, you did it yourself!
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