Importance of Breakfast in Your Diet

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Many people make the mistake of skipping or skimping on breakfast in their daily diet.
This may be due to any number of reasons...
rushing off to work, jumping into household chores, getting caught up with child care or just plain poor eating habits.
Breakfast is an important element in one's daily diet, whatever type of diet you may prefer.
I used to skip breakfast all the time.
I would often fill up on water and head out the door for the daily 1.
5 hour commute to work.
Of course, the first stop after getting off the train would be a coffee - simply to keep me going, not for the caffeine fix! When I worked in the Corporate World, I counted myself among the many who would skip their morning meal.
Breakfast was a luxury time didn't permit.
Some who are very weight loss conscious, or just wish to control weight through diet, erroneously think that skipping breakfast is a good way to eliminate calories.
This is a mistake in terms of overall health, calorie control and good diet habits.
Because the food we eat in our diet, the times when we eat and the particular type of food intake (protein, starch, sugar) all affect blood sugar levels and appetite.
We need to control food intake in our diet in order to keep energy and blood sugar at appropriate levels.
I started back at the gym two months ago after a five year hiatus.
One of the first things I did, even before setting foot in the door of the gym, was incorporate a breakfast and a morning snack into my daily routine.
It's made the world of difference.
In fact, the days that I don't eat a full meal or skip my snack, I feel it in my energy levels when I hit the gym.
In essence when we awake in the morning our body has been through a period of "fasting", with no food intake for a number of hours.
This results in relatively low blood sugar.
If one skips breakfast in one's diet, the blood sugar level continues to dip and a sudden craving can develop for food, especially for sugar in the diet, which again causes a quick rise in blood sugar.
When the diet includes sudden intake of sugar, the sugar level jumps, which develops a roller coaster effect and leads to a poor diet which includes "quick fixes".
Typically a quick response to low blood sugar is a sweet, a soft drink or alcohol...
none of which are a good diet supplement.
A diet which maintains appropriate levels of blood sugar and energy will include a healthy breakfast.
Blood sugar levels will be maintained with a diet that includes a balanced breakfast combining whole grain, some source of protein and fruit.
Protein in particular in the diet, including breakfast, will maintain blood sugar levels, avoiding the dips which lead to snacking.
If you're pressed for time, consider a smoothie.
You can chop your fruits and vegetables the night before and load them into your blender glass.
Refrigerate overnight (or not if you prefer room temperature smoothies) and whirl away in the blender in the morning along with your favorite liquid.
Five minutes is all you'll need to whip up a nutritious and substantial breakfast.
You can even pour it into a travel mug or neoprene jug and tote it with you on your commute.
A healthy breakfast is an essential part of a healthy diet.
Beginning your day with a good, nourishing meal is the first step toward maintaining a balanced diet and a sensible approach to good eating habits.
Don't skip breakfast in your daily diet.
Your body will thank you.
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