Simple Steps to Get You Off the Couch and Healthy

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After being around fitness and working out for so many years, I have seen many changes in the field.
I have seen he craze for everyone going to the gym, to home fitness machines in homes, and also devices small enough not to take up room in your home.
Too many people take so much time trying to figure out what is in their best interest, that they miss the big important part of it all.
Taking action seems to be the thing that many people fail to do.
There is no secret, as a society we are more obese and diseased than ever before.
Yet, we live in a time where there is more information than ever.
I believe people either get lost in the info, or they just feel that some how some way, they can just take a magic pill and then be okay.
Action, hard work and dedication is the only way to combat the issues we face.
I don't mean you need to go into the gym for hours at a time, but you need to take action.
Think about this, our kids are heavier now than in recent years.
Here in Ca.
I believe the schools have to do with some of this, by not offering the physical education most of us grew up with.
The greater factor I believe are us, the parents, the grown ups.
Kids now a days don't go outside and play, for hours like we use to when we were growing up.
Now, if you tell your kids to go outside, they think you are punishing them, how sad is that.
We work harder and do more, so we don't get to be around our kids, but inside of doing something outside with them, it's much easier to ask them to sit on the couch and watch tv.
We as parents, and grown ups are the example to what they are seeing and doing, so you would think we would show them they need to take better care of ourselves.
Okay, I will get off my soap box and get back to why I'm writing this.
Doing just a few simple exercises will help more than most of us think, and for the most part it's free, or at least cheap.
)Walking at a moderate pace of at least 30 min.
3 times a week is very beneficial.
You have to get your heart rate up, and you don't have to over exert yourself for this to happen, so no marathons...
just a walk at a good pace.
)Push ups- You don't have to do this till you kill yourself, but do as many as you can for a minutes.
What I do if I'm going to watch tv for a hour, is on the commercials I do as many as I can, stop when needed, but do as many as you can..
Rest while the show is on, and then do another set, once the next commercial comes on.
I call this paying to watch tv.
)Sit ups- I suggest using something like the bender ball.
Doing regular sit ups or even crunches don't give you the bang for the buck, and could cause injury.
Come on, doing just these few exercise would benefit you and your family greatly.
Do I think there are other things out there that are great, yes I do.
Do I think going to the gym would be beneficial, yes I do..
but I know many are scared to go to a gym where others are, and they also are afraid to work out at home, just in case they hurt themselves if they have home equipment.
These simple things, are what you need to TAKE ACTION.
Live well, and I wish you the best in all that you do.
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