Don"t Let Your Relationship Be a Boring One

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There are moments in our life when we just want to stay in bed, watch TV or read a newspaper over a cup of coffee.
These moments are accepted by any partner but should not be transformed into a way of life.
Your loved one may want to go for a picnic, to have beer with friends, watch a movie at the cinema or to go to a party but you reject any activity.
You start fighting and even more, you start to have separate lives.
What can be done? First of all, you need to think that staying home, watching TV and lying in bed are only for a short period of time otherwise they do not do you any good.
You need to see spare time as a way to relax and so, after the morning shower and breakfast, make plans with your partner to go some place nice, alone or with friends.
What can you do at the weekend? Forget about bars and restaurants, a shopping center, billiards or crowded places.
The Zoo When was the last time you went to the Zoo? Do you remember? Maybe it was years and years ago, probably with your parents.
First, think that you will surprise your partner in a pleasant way.
Some physical exercise Volleyball, tennis, a ride on rollers or bikes will make you feel great; you will spend quality time together.
Get out of the house Staying in doors all day is boring.
There are many nice places that you can enjoy together.
Make the best of the moments when you are together with your loved one.
Boredom and frustrations will be washed away by getting outdoors, even if you are a busy person and you need rest.
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