Treatments For Pollen Allergies

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Many people suffer from sensitivity to various types of pollen and need to find the right treatments for their pollen allergies that will provide them with relief.
The constant congestion, headache, itchy nose and eyes or trouble breathing can make life hard.
Although many children tend to grow out of their problems with allergies, most adults seem to retain their allergies.
New studies have shown that many herbalists, naturopathic doctors and natural healers believe that it is possible to actually get rid of allergies through alternative treatments, although there are also many traditional ways to treat pollen allergies as well.
The obvious first step is to get tested to make sure that your allergies are actually pollen allergies.
The next step is to avoid those things that cause your allergies, but that is easier said than done.
Adjusting your environment can make a big difference in the severity of your allergies.
For instance, as part of your treatment for pollen allergies, hire someone else to mow the grass and keep your yard in shape so you are not subjecting yourself firsthand to the pollen that causes your allergies.
Your doctor will probably prescribe allergy medicine, which you should take daily per the given instructions.
If you know you are likely to be around pollen, take your medicine in advance to help prevent or lessen the symptoms.
Your doctor may also prescribe an allergy shot treatment therapy, which entails getting a shot with a low dose of the allergen which desensitizes you a little more each time you are exposed to it.
There is generally a good success rate with allergy shot treatments for pollen allergies.
Alternative treatments can also be options you can explore, such as chiropractic or acupuncture.
Other alternative treatments include honey therapy, where you eat small amounts of local honey, which may contain some of the local pollens, or vitamin or herbal supplements that boost the immune system.
Vitamin C treatment or use of antioxidants to boost the immune system to fight allergic reactions are also used by many who suffer with pollen allergies.
Many people feel that saline sinus rinses have a high success rate as they flush the bacteria and irritants from the nasal cavities.
However, you should be very careful with these home remedies.
Knowing for sure what you are really allergic to is the key to getting help.
Visit a licensed professional who can generally pinpoint the problem.
You should consult your doctor before starting any program for treatment of pollen allergies in order to avoid possible side affects.
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